Magowood is a private owned woodworks company started woodworking several years ago. We like mixing simple and clean solutions and design, trying to give back nature. Wood is not only our work, its our hobby and passion. We know wood is the best ornament of any place and any time.

We are committed about the handmade woodworking methods and habits. We produce our fine peaces like producing as your own. Our favourite materials are walnut and bamboo. Walnut is hard but its very good material to work with. Both have very nice character and grain. We love to work with them, they got soul…

Members are Pete, Beci & Vince. We both love graphic, technic, design and wood. So we started mixing design with technic and wood. This results MagoWood.

The best feeling for us is when customers message back good feelings and reviews about our products.

In such case i say “this worth the effort”. Only handcrafts can know this feeling.

We proud of we create the concepts, desings, works, photos, etc. We also use our products. We like clear and smooth design and trying to give these to our products.

Our ornamental pieces from the first working phase until the last one, all of them made by hand work. Each products is handcrafted, each one is unique. We know that Handmade products over all other produce methods. These wood products will decores your home or office.

We hope you like our work and please feel free asking anything about you want to know.

Thank you for check our shop!